What can I do on the site?

Students can:

  • ‘Meet’ the geoscientists
  • ASK them questions
  • Let scientists know their opinions
  • Find out what real geoscientists are like and what they do all day
  • Engage in live discussion about real-life science
  • CHAT live with geoscientists and ask them questions
  • Choose which geoscientist they think should get €500 by VOTING for the geoscientist they want to win
  • Enter a contest to win a prize
  • Find links to science information, and study help, on the web

Geoscientists can:

  • Engage with young people
  • Contribute to science education
  • Hear what teachers and students have to say about geoscience
  • Get awarded a monetary prize to spend on science communication if they impress the students enough!

Teachers can:

  • Show their classes how geoscience works in the real world
  • Download and use lesson plans and resources
  • Get support for teaching the How Science Works part of the curriculum
  • Make science lessons fun!

We hope everyone will find I’m a Geoscientist, Get me out of Here! useful, engaging, and enjoyable. Explore the site, check out the geoscientists’ profiles, the live chats and all the questions that have been asked before, and… have fun!