Zone Archive

There’s links here to all the geoscientists in all the zones we’ve run since March 2014.

Each column can be reordered (click on the title). Or you can always use CTRL-F to search for a particular scientist, topic or zone.

Name Institute About me and my work Zone name Date
Rehemat BhatiaUniversity College London and the Natural History MuseumI study tiny fossil plankton called foraminifera and look at the chemistry of their skeletons to look at how climate has changed through timeEarth ZoneJune 2014
Jesse DavenportCentre de Recherches Pétrographiques et GéochimiquesI work with rocks, sediment and river water from the Himalayan Tibetan Plateau to try to solve and reconstruct past climate change and the history of the coliision of India with Asia.Earth ZoneJune 2014
Denise De GaetanoI statistically analysis (I prefer calling it playing) with numbers.Earth ZoneJune 2014
Daniel Lao DavilaOklahoma State UniversityI am a structural geologist who conducts research and teach university students about the wonders of geology.Earth ZoneJune 2014
Anna RabittiNIOZ Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research and Utrecht UniversityI am an Italian girl currently living on a tiny Dutch Island in the North Sea and studying waves deep inside the ocean.Earth ZoneJune 2014